What clients have to say

My 2.5 year old takes private swim lessons at Lori’s and she absolutely loves it. Her teacher, Callie, is so wonderful with her and my normally very shy daughter responds really well to her.
Ellen Hall, 03/12/2022 via Rev Local Review
Hi Lori just wanted to drop a note to you of how much I appreciate your facility. Milford is so lucky to have you in our backyard. Over the last couple of years of taking part of the water aerobics program, I realized how important it is to keep moving as we age. And, since getting diagnosed with a medical issue it's even more important. I'm not a fan of the gym type exercise, and found that water aerobics is just what I needed. Also, my grandchildren have taken the swim lessons as well, and what a service you are providing to keep our kids safe. To you and your staff, hats off to all of you. Job well done. ❤️
Helga Bacher, Water Aerobics Student
My kids, Leo and Max, have had their first swim lesson this evening and I just want to say a huge thank you. Thank you to the person who picked up the phone when I called last week, was so patient and kind and able to help with scheduling swim classes for my boys that suited them best. Thank you to the wonderful instructors, Miss Kate and Miss Julia, who (even at the end of their working day) were so enthusiastic and sweet with Leo and Max. Thank you to a person who greeted us at the door. Thank you to Lori and everyone on the team for working hard to keep this swim school open and safe and so fun for kids and grown ups of all abilities. Love the brilliant concept of short private lessons! Very grateful and very excited for kids to keep coming and learning and growing in confidence and skills. They are thrilled! Thank you!!!
Alena 03/16/2021, Parent
Lori- I want to thank you and your teachers for the phenomenal facility you run. I am always impressed by the teachers and staff, and my kids have learned so much from their lessons- and they LOVE their time in the water. Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this possible, especially throughout this covid season.
Laura G 02/10/2021, Parent
This family owned business is a gem for anyone with small kids. The teachers are well trained and so patient. My daughter has learned to swim and absolutely lvoes coming here. We had a birthday party here when my daughter turned 4 and they did an outstanding job. They carried our mermaid theme out through every thoughtful detail. It could not have been better.
Tasha S, 04/01/2020 via Facebook Review
We took our son here for years and we loved the experience! The one on one lessons are top notch and are individually modified per child. We are very grateful to Lori and her team for the wonderful education they gave our son and the peace of mind knowing he can swim at such a young age.
Mark Evans 03/13/2020 via Google Review
As a parent, I can't thank all of you enough for providing my child, and all the children who swim at your facility, with such a supportive and caring swim program. I am sitting here at the swim meet and watching children who have never met cheering for each other and helping each feel successful, no matter the age. There are parents who have never met my daughter, cheering her on every step of the way. You are creating life lessons that reach far beyond swimming. Our world has become a place where competition and winning is what has become important. Yet, through your program you are teaching children that it is far more important to do your best, encourage each other and enjoy the process and the challenge of working towards a personal goal. You have created an amazing program and I am deeply grateful for all you do. It does not go unnoticed!
Ashley Fannin Gill Parent
I attend the Low Impact Aerobic Class at 8am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our instructor is Phyllis and she does a great job teaching us and being attentive to our needs. When a new person comes to the class Phyllis instructs, demonstrates and helps her/him with all the exercises. Phyllis is the best. When Phyllis is absent, Tracy or Callie teaches our class. They both are also super teachers.
Susan Sahnd Wood 12/16/19 Via Facebook Review
This pool has the friendliest staff ever, I love it!
Myra Sizemore Powers 10/26/19 Via Facebook Review
My 4 year old daughter has taken swim lessons here for a little over a year now. I have been blown away with her progress, independence and courage in the water. Lori is the perfect teacher for her because she always pushes her to do her best. My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons. I can’t say enough good things about this place! All you need to show up with is a bathing suit. They take care of the rest by providing towels, swimsuit dryer, plastic bags for your suits, and showers complete with shampoo, conditioner and body wash. We have recommended Lori’s to many friends. I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else with the 1:1 attention that the kids get. Thank you!
Rachel Mastin 08/13/19 Via Facebook Review
I do not think the character limit on FB posts would allow me to tell you how awesome this place is for your child's birthday party. Lori's is truly a hidden gem, and I am so happy that I listened to a fellow mother who previously had her child's birthday here. When they say they take care of everything, they truly mean EVERYTHING!. I showed up with balloons and a few decorations out of ignorance. Not only did Lori already have decorations everywhere to match my child's theme, but they were much better quality than what I had brought. The hosts took care of every detail from instructing the swim games to writing down gift's as my twins tore into them. They cut the cake and served all the kids accordingly. I literally just had to show up. This was by far the least stressful party I have thrown to date. And other than my children's happiness the best part of the whole thing was the price. With the services and care they provided you would have thought I had spent a good chunk of change on my twin's party, but in reality it was less expensive than any of the facilities I had researched in the area. I have not even begin to tell you how awesome Lori herself is. She is there from the beginning to end of your party and ensures you have absolutely everything you need and all questions are answered. All of this amazingness and my girls do not even take swim lessons there, but you better believe after the experience we encountered with Lori and her staff we definitely will be!!
Arica Harrell, 03/19/19 Via Facebook Review
I love that Lori has taken teaching the skill of swimming to the next level, and made her passion a business. She has invested much time and many resources into learning the most effective techniques in teaching swimming skills and employs them during her lessons. She and her staff are kind and reassuring to their students while in the water. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Lori's H2O Skills and, most importantly, are confident in the water. We will most certainly be back for more lessons.
We have been with Ms. Lori since our son was three years old. Not only is her swim program impressive, but also her knowledge in early childhood development. She was and is still able to teach at his level in an effective manner. Our son instantly felt comfortable with her warm personality. We are constantly impressed with how much he is learning! We are excited to send our toddler to her in the near future to learn how to independently swim like her brother.
Megan Falconieri, Parent
Thank you to all the staff at Lori's H2O Skills. Because of them, my daughter had a fun, memorable birthday party!! I am so impressed with how well they were prepared for all ages who came to the party and entertained them for a full hour in the pool! I could actually sit back and enjoy watching the kids have fun. The party room was decorated so cute and Lori and staff covered all food, desserts, and goodie bags for the kids and even sent me home with thank you cards for the guests. I highly recommend Lori's for lessons and a place to celebrate a birthday!
Jennifer Philhower-Gillen, 11/12/17 Via Facebook Review
Our daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday at Lori's and I can not say enough good stuff about the whole experience. The ladies went above and beyond and the kids had an amazing time. All the kids had a blast ad parents are happy for the physical exertion!
Ellen Osburne, 11/11/17 via Facebook Review
I love, love, love Lori's H2O Skills. Our twin boys have been working with Lori since they were 1 year old. My one son has Autism and development delays. Lori is wonderful with him, he loves going to swim lessons and enjoys working with Lori. My typical development son also loves swimming and enjoys pushing himself eachweek in lessons. Both boys are safe around the pool and can swim independently at 5 years old. We had their birthday party there last year, and they loved it so much we are having their next birthday party there as well. Lori's H2O Skills is awesome.
Meredith DiBacco-Reidy, 5/5/17 via Facebook Review
We have 2 daughters who take weekly private swim lessons here and have for about a year. The facility itself is adorable and meticulously maintained. My daughters are excited to go every week! The staff is so friendly and they have learned so much already at the young ages of 2 & 5. We recently had a birthday party there too and I was blown away by how professionally the party was handled and how cute and fun it was! Nothing was overlooked- from the decorations to the food to the party bags! This is just an all-around amazing place and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Lindsey S, 9/25/16 via Facebook Review
Our four children have attended private lessons with Lori's H2O Skills at various times through the last year. One of our daughters, whom has Down Syndrome, has been consistently going since she was 6 months old. Lori and her staff have treated all of our kids with love and kindness. Her staff does not see limitations in teaching a child to be comfortable in the water. They worked with our daughter despite being on oxygen 24/7. Their dedication to helping kids swim shines through and was evident when I saw our daughter swim under water and grab onto the wall for the first time a few weeks ago. When we celebrated Lori and her staff celebrated with us. They have exceeded anything I could have ever expected.
Nicole W, 9/27/16 via Facebook Review
Lori's H2O Skills is famous for teaching kids to swim, they also offer Water Aerobics for adults. I started attending the aerobic classes about seven weeks ago. I have dropped 35 pounds and feel I have so much more energy! Just such a better mental state too. The instructors are excellent with their knowledge and mix up the exercises every class so you are never bored! Kudos to Phyliss, Tracey & Prudy!!! Thanks Lori & Kyle for a first rate addition to Milford!
Patti N, 9/14/16 via Yelp Review
Phyllis Drilling is a caring water aerobics instructor who engages her students to achieve their fitness or health goals in a reasoned and attainable manner. She makes water exercise fun and yet does not oversimplify to provide a balanced approach to pool exercising. Her ability to listen to her clients and make them her friends is a treasure. Phyllis helped me reach my physical goals while I dealt with a knee replacement and severe rheumatoid arthritis. I miss her.
Tim Nolan, Water Aerobics Student
I started at Lori's h2o skills in May in the water therapy classes. I needed to exercise, but it was too painful on land. Since I started I have become so much more limber, and have lost 10 pounds without changing my lifestyle. I have less pain in my knees and can walk so much easier without pain in both knees and feet! I have had 4 different instructors and 3 of them are absolutely excellent. They engage with the clients and make the time in the pool fly by and not even seem like exercise! Thank you Phyllis, Tracy, and Taylor for making exercise effective AND fun!! Thank you Lori and Kyle for making facility available for us! It is so clean and well kept. I really appreciate all the effort you all make!!
Sharon B, 9/29/16
We have used Lori for private lessons for our kids when they were 2 and 6 years old. She did a great job at engaging them and matching her lesson to the skills they needed to work on. She had such patience with Nora who wanted to do anything but the swim lesson, and Nora even learned a few skills despite her tantrums. I would absolutely recommend Lori and her team for anyone who wants to improve their water skills.
Emily Chestnut, Parent
I always enjoyed Phyllis and her class. She always did a good mix of cardio and strength building. I've taken lots of water aerobic classes from the YMCA to MAC and now TriHealth Pavilion. Phyllis is one of my favorite instructors. She's one of the best at explaining the moves to new comers while explaining how to prevent injuries. I find a lot of instructors don't do that well.
Tina Hudson, Water Aerobics Student
Our experience with Lori and H2O water skills has been nothing short of awesome. Water safety was our number one concern with our almost 2 year old when we started swim lessons. Since we spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer, we wanted our little one to have basic survival skills if she were to fall in. What we got out of the lessons far exceeded our expectations. Within weeks our child was flipping over on her back with chin up. What we didn't expect is her to be swimming a full lap of the pool (with coaching) in months of starting. Lori makes learning FUN. She encourages children fun ways. She uses games and songs as her main tools. She has a memory of the little details with my child, the things she liked, the things coming up in my child's life. She really gets to know these kids and gains their trust and allows them to become comfortable. She is patient and clearly so passionate about her job. I have and will continue to recommend Ms. Lori to anyone wanting to learn or improve their swimming skills.
Melissa Anderson, Parent
Lori is excellent with our daughter. We tried the group lessons at the Y. Don't waste your money with those. The one on one lesson with Lori is great. I was skeptical at first but our 3 year old is almost swimming after just a few weeks with Lori. She is so good with the kids. You can't put a price on your child's own ability to swim. We wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks Lori for being such a great teacher and person. Emma looks forward to her lessons every week and has so much fun.
Erika Shively, Parent
When I first saw Lori teach a lesson, I was amazed. As I was swimming laps, I noticed her gift of teaching and I soon became very intrigued so much that I put it to the test on my daughter. Wow! She got my daughter on the level 4 learn-to-swim program that the Health Plex offers in just four 15 minute lessons. Now I am proud to say I work for Lori because I only work for the best.
Christina Weiss, Parent
Your pool and facility were the perfect place for our family to gather to celebrate my 71st birthday. My grandchildren had a wonderful time and were so happy to go swimming in December. Your hospitality was the only thing better than the pool. Peg and I wish to thank you for such a great way to have fun with your family. Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan, Client